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Screaming Crying Throwing Up

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"Vomiting" from "Taccuinum Sanitatis," by the workshop of Giovannino de Grassi, (c. 1390s)


Just a fun little medieval handbook on health to help get ya through it! Size + care guide.

More on this vomiting man from the University of Iowa Library:
"The Tacuinum sanitatis was an eleventh-century health handbook written by Ibn Butlan of Baghdad. In it he presents the elements needed for a healthful and happy life. He describes vomiting as a way to clear the stomach of matter that interferes with the passage of food. In the fourteenth-century illustrated versions, the emphasis is on picturing attractive scenes drawing on themes from courtly love, fashionable dress, and estate management for an idealized view of agriculture, food production, and healthy living. This picture shows a fashionably dressed woman holding a man's head as he vomits. Another woman, possibly a servant, has entered the room and raises her arms."